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(Treaty 4 pow wow grounds)

For my final project for my EC&I 831 class I have created this blog to inspire educators to utilize social media to teach students about treaties.  I am an educator in Regina, Saskatchewan and therefore the lesson ideas I post to this blog will be primarily about the Treaty 4 area and other treaties signed throughout Saskatchewan.  However, some of the lessons will pertain to Aboriginal people across Canada and the globe and can be adapted for other areas.  My goal is to create a variety of lesson ideas from Kindergarten-12.

The Saskatchewan government: Ministry of Education recently published Treaty Outcomes and Indicators for Kindergarten to grade twelve students.  These are the outcomes I will be addressing in the lessons.  The types of social media utilized in the lessons will include: Twitter, newspaper websites, YouTube and blogs.

If you are struggling with how to teach a certain outcome found in the new curriculum guide, please feel free to contact me for lesson ideas and I will see what I can do!