Assessing Treaty Making from a Global Perspective

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(James Anaya visits Treaty 4 Governance Centre)

This lesson is inspired by the Treaty Outcomes and Indicators for grade eleven students.  The social media platform needed for this lesson is Twitter.

The particular outcome this lesson addresses is: Examine how Canada’s process of treaty making could be applied to situations in other parts of the world where Indigenous people have rights recognized.

The indicator this lesson addresses is: Investigate how the United Nations addresses issues regarding the self determination of Indigenous peoples.

During the month of October, United Nations special rapporteur James Anaya embarked on a coast-to-coast mission to hear about the current state of Aboriginal peoples across Canada.  Have students read about his visit on the CBC website.

Have students research a current issue facing Aboriginal people in Canada today:

-Inter-generational effects of residential schools

-Aboriginal self-government

-Over representation of Aboriginal children in the foster care system

-Any other issues students/teachers see fit

Another article important for students to read regards a campaign that encourage the United Nations to declare Canada’s treatment of Aboriginal people as genocide.

After students have engaged in preliminary research on these topics, have them brainstorm a question(s)/comment they would ask/give UN special rapporteur James Anaya regarding any of their research information.  Twitter allows 140 characters or less in a tweet so make sure students are aware of this when creating their questions.  Students are going to put this question on their Twitter account with the hashtag #DearAnaya and/or #IdleNoMore.  Have students search the hashtag for ideas from their peers.  Have students reply to what their peers have wrote to create dialogue/discussion online and in discussion. See below for an example of a tweet:

Jessica Madiratta @wesaquje

What has happened to Aboriginal peoples in this country is genocide…do the research!… #DearAnaya #idlenomore